Boston Spa Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plans are a way for local people to shape the future planning of their village or neighbourhood. They are “can-do” plans. All ages and groups of people in the community can have a real say on important local issues.

The current Plan is being reviewed by the Boston Spa Neighbourhood Planning Advisory Committee. The minutes and meetings of the group can be found at the bottom of the page.  

The Neighbourhood Plan gives us the opportunity to create a shared and sustainable vision of how we’d like our village to be over the next 15 years or so; to ensure that any new development or change fits in and contributes to the well-being of the village; and to conserve the village character and sense of belonging that we so value, especially here in Boston Spa. A Plan will help us to manage any pressures for change positively, for the good of the community. It’s about making the village an even better place, for us and future generations.

Neighbourhood Plans, and the consultation process that brings them into being, are prepared under Regulation 15 of the Government’s Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. Our Plan covers the whole of Boston Spa Parish. All Neighbourhood Plans must be in line with the local council’s overall planning policies, in our case Leeds City Council. However, such Plans are new and different because, more than ever before, the community is at the heart of the decision-making process. Our Plan has its own distinctive local policies, with legal standing, that must be taken into account in any planning decisions. 


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Download the appendices:

Appendix 1 – Neighbourhood Plan Area
Appendix 2 – Constraints and Opportunities Plan
Appendix 3 – Survey Results
Appendix 4 – Young Persons
Appendix 5 – Key Features
Appendix 6 – Community Profile
Appendix 7 – Housing Needs Advice
Appendix 8 – Character Assessment
Appendix 9 – Boston Spa Conservation Area Adopted Management Plan
Appendix 10 – Environmental
Appendix 11 – Hub of the Village
Appendix 12 – Sustainability
Appendix 13 – Leeds Neighbourhood Index