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Parish Council Meetings
The next Ordinary meeting of Boston Spa Parish Council will be held on Monday 15th March 2021 at 7pm via Zoom.


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2020 Scarecrow Trail

There were 92 entries in this year's trail. Scarecrows were in place from 4th to 12th July. See the scarecrows in our gallery. 

Boston Spa Flags 2020 

Flags on our High Street

Our High Street has been brought to life during these difficult times all thanks to Boston Spa in Bloom!

This year Boston Spa In Bloom faced two problems. The first was the usual supplier of the 60 plus hanging baskets had furloughed their workers, and the second associated with the need to be socially distanced meant that even if the hanging baskets had been available, the watering team could not have gone out.

The answer was to ask local individuals, businesses and organisations to make flags to hang in place of the baskets. The idea was not only to give those suffering from lockdown boredom a project to do, but also to brighten up the High Street in these difficult times. 

At the end of the summer, the flags will be taken down and stitched together to create a Boston Spa wall hanging, thus providing a record of the community’s response to the pandemic.

A team of Boston Spa In Bloom volunteers – socially distancing - installed the flags.