Conservation Area

The greater part of the pre 1960's Village is a Conservation Area which means that it is of special architectural and/or historic interest and its status is intended to preserve or enhance the character of the area.

The Village Conservation Area is the oldest of the 60+ such areas in Leeds and it contains nearly 90 listed buildings or features. Its status provides extra powers to the Planning Authority to, amongst others, protect trees and specific consent is required to lop, trim or fell a tree within the Conservation Area. A special feature of the area is the predominance of forest tree species and many of these are also covered by Tree Preservation Orders.

Information on the exact extent of the Conservation Area and tree preservation orders can be found at the Parish Council Office or by contacting the Conservation Officer, Leeds City Council, Planning Services, The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds LS2 8HD, telephone 0113 247 8000 or click here for access to their website. They will also be pleased to provide advice on planning issues within the Village.

The City Council has recently carried out an extensive appraisal of several Conservation Areas, including Boston Spa, and following wide public consultation has adopted a formal Appraisal which will guide planning decisions for the future. Although the former Conservation Area boundary has been amended to exclude the majority of the mid to late 20th century estate housing it has also been extended to include the West End estate on historical grounds. It also now protects Deepdale woods.

The adopted Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan can be seen here. This will open a new window but the file is quite large (5.5MB) so may take a few moments to load.