Boston Spa Village Festival 2023


The Boston Spa Weekend Festival took place over the 3 days of the weekend (Friday 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July).  More than 30 family orientated events took place by various groups in the village using Church Fields, Millennium Gardens, Stables Lane Park, the Village Hall and St Mary’s and the Methodist Church. 

Scarecrow Trail  

There were 48 Scarecrows entered, 522 maps sold and 69 maps completed and returned.

The Scarecrow no 9 outside Gifted (Cruella de Vil) was built by the family of Ukrainian refugees and their friends living in the area. 


Winning Scarecrows

1st -  UP-Frederikson - Bank House, 177 High Street.

2nd - Coco - Clarendon Road

3rd - The Claw & Aliens -  8 Hayfield Ave


Funds raised from the trail are currently be calculated and an announcement will be made soon on how the funds will be distributed to worthy causes. 

Thanks to a grant from the Ward Councillors and donations from Monroe Estate Agents and Rotary all the costs of promotion have been paid for.