Traffic Regulation Orders

Published: 16 June 2023

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are the legal process by which the Council can add and make restrictions to the public highway – for example, changing speed limits, adding yellow lines, implementing residents-only parking. There is a cost to the public purse for each TRO, approximately £7,500 in legal fees etc., which is why numbers of changes are ‘packaged’ together into a single TRO – Leeds residents get better value for money rather than creating separate TROs, each with their own legal fees, for every single item.

The Boston Spa TRO is one such example of a package of measures. The downside to this method is that if there is one aspect that proves controversial, then the whole lot can be delayed. The issues surrounding Westwood Way fit in here. There have been many objections to the measures proposed – ranging from them being too draconian, through to not strong enough. The Council is duty-bound to engage with residents who raise objections to see if solutions can be sought, but this does delay the process – even more so when there are many objectors with whom to consult. As a result, the whole TRO package is delayed and the benefits which would solve other residents issues are delayed too. Westwood Way is to be removed from the current TRO to allow time for the extra consultation to take place and potential solutions explored, allowing the other Boston Spa measures to go ahead.

Specific measures for Westwood Way will be included in a future TRO once an acceptable solution is found. Linda Richards did a huge amount of work, alongside the Parish Council and residents to bring this TRO forward and it’s disappointing that we have ended up in this position. It doesn’t make sense to hold up all the other important work but we remain committed to working with residents, highway officers and Parish Cllr’s to get a solution to the situation Westwood Way residents are facing on a daily basis.