Boston Spa Centre Improvement

Published: 09 March 2023

Boston Spa Village Centre Improvement Scheme

The entire scheme consists of:

• Retaining the light controlled pedestrian crossing outside CostCutter  

• Upgraded footway using flagged paving between St Mary’s Street to Shires Court to uplift the Millennium Gardens area

• The introduction of a raised plateau carriageway from Lee Orchards to Shires Court, improving the aesthetics of the centre, attracting visitors and reducing the speed of traffic through this central area

• The introduction of a ‘courtesy style' informal crossing point outside Cora and a 'courtesy style' informal crossing point on Bridge Road

• The removal of the cobble paved area on the corner of Royal Terrace to provide a usable pedestrian/seating area as well as a Copenhagen style junction

• The minor widening of the northern and southern footway to improve pedestrian thoroughfare along High Street

• The introduction of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to accommodate the following: the introduction of a Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) except in signed bays on High Street to ease congestion, the introduction of a Loading Bay for a maximum period of 10 minutes to accommodate business deliveries, the introduction of No Waiting at Any Time on various streets in Boston Spa to support the works

• The relocation of existing planters and introduction of new trees and other ancillary works such as street lighting works, drainage, seating, etc.

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 Key dates:

Phase 4 - Due to commence 22/02/23 - Block pavement from Douglas Yeadon to car park entrance

Phase 5 -  Due to commence 16/03/23 - Block paving of Bridge Road pavement on car park side 

Phase 6 - Due to commence 28/03/23 - Block paving from Tom Foolery to Bridge Road 

Phase 7 - Due to commence 04/04/23 - Royal Terrace

Road surfacing - due to commence 03/04/23