Scarecrow Trail Results

Published: 08 June 2022

There were 48 scarecrows. The winning entry correctly identified 47 and three people identified 46 so we awarded one 1st prize, 3 x 2nd prizes and no 3rd prize for the entries. Over 50 people entered the competition. 18 identified 45 or more correctly so the judging to decide the winners had to be ruthless.

Everyone struggled with Cora – “The Queen from salvaged material” and many with Charles I. I think his head should have been under his arm!

Best Scarecrow went to number 36, King Louie from the Jungle Book. 2nd prize went to number 5, the Queen and the Corgies and 3rd prize went to Simba from The Lion King outside Westwood Vets.

Here is the full list of scarecrows: 

  Number Characters Address
Boston Spa 1 Beefeater Guard The Crown
  2 Elvis Errol House,155 High Street
  3 Queen Bee Martin House Shop, 158 High Street
  4 Queen Elizabeth from salvaged materials Cora, 162 High St, Boston Spa
  5 Queen Elizabeth & Corgies Bank House, 177 High Street
  6 Guardsman 8 Highfield Boston Spa
Thorp Arch 7 Queen of Hearts, Alice in W’land Inside the Bus shelter, The Village
Boston Spa 8 Charles I Costcutter, 182 High St
  9 Elizabeth II St Gemmas, 186 High St
  10 Queen Elizabeth II Stables Lane corner
  11 Woofingham Palace The Bowling Club, Stables Lane Park
  12 Queen’s Coronation (TV) 197 High St
  13 Queen Elizabeth 7 Hall Close
  14 ON TOUR? 268 High St
  15 Henry VIII or ON TOUR 270A High Street
  16 Queen Vic, Eastenders Fox & Hounds, 286 High St. Rear Car Park 
  17 The Queen & Beefeater Ashfield House, 304 High Street
  18 Queen Bee 18 Grove Place
  19 The princess and the pea 11 Grove Place
  20 Jim Royle 46 Grove Road
  21 Queen Bee 17 Grove Crescent
  22 Queen of Hearts 18 Thwaite Road
  23 Boudicca, the warrior queen 22 Thorpe Drive
  24 Star Wars Royalty Martin House Hospice, Grove Rd
  25 The Queens Hat St John’s Catholic Specialist School, Church Street
Clifford 26 Prince Andrew 14 Bridge Garth
  27 Queen Bee 15 Bridge Garth
  28 Elvis Presley 16 Chapel Lane
  29 The Princess and the Pea 21 Old Mill Lane
  30 King Harold (Godwinson) Holly Tree House, Clifford Moor Road
Boston Spa 31 Queen Elizabeth II 2 Winnow Lane
  32 Princess Leia 8 Moor Side
  33 King Pig ( Angry Birds) 3 St Johns View
  34 A royal guard 1 Robina Close
  35 Queen and Pooches 5 Helmsley Road, Boston Spa
  36 King Louie (Jungle Book)  1 Queens Road
  37 Prince Charles 8 Wickham Close
  38 King Edward NFU Mutual, Coach House, 42 High Street
  39 Queen of Hearts Deans Computer Services, Boston Lodge, 48 High St
  40 Andre Rieu 10 West Avenue
  41 Queen Elizabeth 22 West Dale
  42 Queen Bee 8 West End
  43 The Lion King Westwood Vets, 106 High Street
  44 Queen Elizabeth – Postage Stamp 4 Woodlea
  45 Henry VIII 8 Woodlea
  46 The Queen plus corgies West Oaks School, Westwood Way
  47 ON TOUR 30 Westwood Way
  48 Princess Diana Scout & Guide Hall, 8 Church Street