Works to Thorp Arch Bridge

Published: 07 July 2020

Further to the installation of temporary rock armour in January 2020, Leeds City Council has confirmed that engineering work will continue this summer.

Advance works to clear vegetation from the area for the site compound will take place early July. The works at the structure involve installing a concrete mattress across the river bed to protect the bridge piers from scour during and after periods of heavy rainfall and flooding. In addition, rock armour will be placed on the bed of the river at various locations around the bridge to improve resilience to erosion and protect the structure. The majority of the finished work will be beneath the river bed level and will not be visible once the works have been completed. However, the rock armour will be visible, depending on prevailing water levels.

The works are planned to start in the week commencing 10th August and will take around 4 months to complete. The works will be contained to the River Wharfe and no road closures are currently planned. However, should any short term road closures be required, pedestrian access will be maintained across the bridge at all times. Surveys have been carried out to check for the presence of nesting birds, crayfish and bats and none of these have been identified on the bridge or within the works area. None of the trees around the bridge will be removed as part of the works.