Westwood Way Crossing Update

Published: 10 October 2019

A meeting was held with Ward Councillor Gerald Wilkinson on August 8 when he was able to give an update on the Westwood Way / Hampole Way crossing issue.

A Pedestrian Crossing Assessment was carried out following the traffic survey which concluded that a Zebra crossing was justified, scoring 9 points out of a possible 21 against a threshold of 8 (ie 8 would not have justified a crossing ). The 9 points were awarded as follows;

2 points - Benefit to the locality (Up to 200 properties would benefit)
2 points - Crossing impact on locality (Small Town / Village)
3 points - Public interest (regular complaints and petition)
1 point -Traffic speed assessment (reduction of speed up to 10%)
0 points - Highways assessment
0 points - Road safety history score
1 point - Traffic pedestrian survey

The results were subject of high level discussions, including the Director of Highways and the Head of Transport Planning along with the Senior Traffic Engineer et al.
A Zebra Crossing was approved, however given the analysis indicated that there was no immediate safety issue the installation of the crossing could be incorporated into the LCC business as usual programme. The crossing would now go before the Pedestrian Crossing Review Board in January in order that it could be incorporated into the 2019/20 capital works programme.

This means that the expenditure (C£30K) would not come out of the Church Fields section 106 money (money from Tayor Wimpey for Highways improvements).
Clearly the LCC officers have taken the matter seriously and reached a considered conclusion which will be discuss at the next PC meeting.