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The Parish Council has a range of responsibilities, but we often get requests from residents to deal with issues that fall under the remit of Leeds City Council.

Leeds City Council are responsible for highways including gritting, pot holes, parking, parking restrictions, crossings and speed limits. They are also responsible for waste collection, bin emptying and recycling. Planning applications, education, transport, fire and public safety, social care & libraries are all also the responsibility of LCC.

Boston Spa Parish Council owns much of the riverside land, Stables Lane and the Village Hall, we are responsible for the allotments within the village and maintain many other green spaces, trees and footpaths in Boston Spa.

In addition the Parish Council is responsible for implementation of the Neighbourhood Plan, and for acting as a go-between with LCC on all sorts of matters, monitoring our local environment and activities, and taking part in organising local activities, and representing/promoting the village as a whole.


All aspects of local refuse are the responsibility of Leeds City Council.

For queries about your local collection, recycling options, and household waste visit the Leeds City Council Bins and Recycling Page.

Report a fly tipping incident here. 


All aspects of local road infrastructure, including pavements, are the responsibility of Leeds City Council. 

To report a highways problem, such as a plot hole or pavement concern visit the Leeds City Council Highways Report page.

Dog Bins and Fouling

All aspects of dog fouling are the responsibility of Leeds City Council.

To report a dog fouling concern visit the Leeds City Council Dog Fouling page.

Street Lighting

All aspects of lighting are the responsibility of Leeds City Council.

For any concerns around Street Lighting, contact Leeds City Council.