Crime Prevention

West Yorkshire Police, through their neighbourhood policing team, hold regular contact sessions in each village. The Contact Point in Boston Spa is at the Village Hall and are usually the same dates as the Parish Council meeting. The police or PCSO will be available at the stated times for anybody to call in and have a confidential discussion on any issues associated with policing, crime or anti social behaviour. They will also liase with the neighbourhood watch teams at these meetings.

They are of course always contactable through the Wetherby Police station 0113 285 5374 at any other time if the matter is urgent.

The general contact number is 101.

101 Key >Messages
  • 101 is the new number to contact the Police when it’s not an emergency.
  • 101 is easy to remember and easy to call.
  • 101 will replace 08456 06 06 06 in West Yorkshire from November 17th.
  • All calls to 101, cost a flat rate of 15p, even from a mobile and no matter how long the call lasts or what time of day it is.
  • Deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired people can use textphone 18001 101.
  • The public should call 101 for less urgent crime or disorder. Examples include:
    • To report a stolen car
    • Property has been damaged
    • To report drug dealing
    • To report a minor traffic accident
    • For general police enquiries
  • Calls to 101 will be answered in the West Yorkshire Police control room.
  • Calls to your local Neighbourhood Policing Team can still be used to speak to local officers about local issues.
  • 101 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • If you ring the 0845 number you will be told about the new 101 number and to ring 101 in future.
  • 101 will not replace 999 but is there for crimes or incidents that are not urgent and that do not need an officer to attend immediately. If an officer does not need to attend we will give advice over the phone or put you in touch with someone who can help. Or we will arrange a convenient time for an officer to visit if this is needed.
  • 999 is for real emergencies, where there is a danger to life, or a crime is in progress. In these cases we will send an officer immediately. If you are vulnerable or upset we will prioritise your call. Please do not call 999 unless it’s an emergency, as you might be putting others at risk – use 101.

The Police also have a dedicated website for their neighbourhood policing in this area and this can be found HERE

Wetherby & District Crime Prevention Panel is a voluntary group of people who work together with West Yorkshire Police. We are concerned with the education of the local community in matters relating to crime prevention. The Panel covers the town of Wetherby and adjoining West Yorkshire villages of Aberford, Alwoodley, Bardsey, Barwick I Elmet, Boston Spa, Bramham, Clifford, Collingham, East Keswick, Harewood, Linton, Moor Allerton, Moortown, Scarcroft, Seacrft, Scholes, Shadwell, Thorner, Thorp Arch, and Walton.

About us
Membership of the Panel is drawn from individuals who live or work in the area together with representatives from Wetherby Town Council and most of the Parish councils. The Panel supports the West Yorkshire Police and works under their guidance. The local Crime Reduction Office PC Muscroft, is the Honorary Secretary and this ensures that the activities of the Panel are relative and proportionate to the crime trends in the area.

The Panel meets quarterly, usually second Thursday evening of the month at The Magistrates Court House, Wetherby Police Station. In between meetings a number of activities take place at which members of the Panel are expected to offer time and support.

How to Join
If you have an interest in joining the Panel you should in the first instance contact the Panel Chairman, Mrs Maureen Brewer or the Panel Secretary,  Details of how to do this are at the foot of the page.

During the year the Panel organises a number of crime prevention exhibitions and events. In recent times these have centred on the problems of purse thefts in the shopping areas, car crime in both rural and town car parks, and distraction burglary which particularly affects the older members of the community. The Panel also attends, when requested, meetings of a variety of local community groups. Where possible, the members run stalls at village shows and at larger events, such as Bramham Park and Harewood House where we distribute leaflets and sell small security products such as UV Marker Pens, shed and personal alarms

As a voluntary group we rely heavily on funding from various local sources. The Town Council and most Parish Councils regularly give donations and we have also been supported by East North East Homes Leeds, Leeds Building Society, Nidd Vale Motors and Wetherby Lions. Talks given to groups by Panel members also generate a small but useful source of income. We are of course, always looking for new sponsors and if you as an individual, business or organisation think you can assist please contact us.

Contacting us
There are three ways to contact the Panel.
  • Post The Chairman, Wetherby & District Crime Prevention Panel,
    c/o West Yorkshire Police, Wetherby Police Station
    Boston Road, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS22 5HA
  • Email
  • Telephone Maureen Brewer 01937 582441 
From time to time the panel produces a NEWSLETTER.  This is their current edition.

Neighbourhood Watch. Are you a member?
You can help police keep your community safe by joining Neighbourhood Watch and keeping an eye out for crime on your street. Find out how to get involved.

What is Neighbourhood Watch?
  • Neighbourhood Watch is made up of small groups of volunteer residents usually on a Street by Street basis.
  • Members look out for signs of crime in their own neighbourhoods and  share that information with the police and each other.
  • They follow basic rules and guidelines set out by the national organisation and they work closely with their local police force.

How does Neighbourhood Watch work?
  • If you join Neighbourhood Watch you will get to know your neighbours. You'll pay attention to the cars normally parked on your street, and to which of your neighbours is having work done on their house. You might even know which of your neighbours is away for any length of time.
  • Using that information, you’re more likely to know when something unusual is happening on your street, or when something just doesn’t look right.
  • By keeping an eye out for your neighbours, you can help police stop crime from happening. Get involved with Neighbourhood Watch now.
  • If you’re interested in joining your local Neighbourhood Watch team, but don’t know where to start, contact your local police station, Crime Reduction Officer, or Neighbourhood Policing Team. (Neighbourhood Policing Teams are the part of your local force that specialise in working with residents to prevent crime). They can put you in touch with a group near you.
  • The National Neighbourhood Watch website also has information to help you get started if you want to start your own group.

Use your postcode to read local news from your Neighbourhood Policing Team, and sign up for free email updates, on

Keep a watchful eye on your neighbours’ properties. Report any suspicious characters roaming around who may be looking for a shed to break into.
Call the Police on 101 or call the Police immediately on 999 if you see a crime being committed.