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Working Groups

The Parish Council will set up a working group to work along side the Parish Council where there is an ongoing project or piece of work that would be better suited to a team of interested persons, rather than the Parish Council or a single councillor. This allows the working group to be more dynamic, meeting in between the Parish Council monthly meetings and more closely monitor the work. The working group through its chair, who will be a Parish Council member, will then report back any activities in the monthly Parish Council Meeting.

People Friendly Village Centre Working Group (PFVCWG)

Following the adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan the Parish Council determined that it would be useful to establish a working group in order to make recommendations to, and help the Parish Council address specific actions regarding the development of the High Street which originate from the Neighbourhood Plan. The working group is to be called PFVCWG and will take account of the work carried out by predecessors.


The People Friendly Village Centre is defined as below 

  • People Friendly – promoting an environment where residents and visitors are able to safely meet and socialise in comfort.
  • Village Centre – as per the Neighbourhood plan this is the High Street from Church Street to the Doctors Surgery

The scope of the PFVCWG is to formulate plans and make recommendations to the Parish Council for the community actions in the table below from the adopted Neighbourhood Plan.


The implementation of a 20mph speed limit throughout the Village will be supported by the Parish Council


The Parish Council will support initiatives which encourage behaviour modification to reduce traffic speed and unsociable parking


The introduction of residents-only parking on designated streets will be supported by the Parish Council


The Parish Council will seek to encourage development to make a positive contribution towards making the centre of Boston Spa more people friendly


When businesses improve their shop fronts and doors, the Parish Council will seek to encourage them to provide better access for less abled customers

Although the recommendations may form part of a holistic approach. The scope of plans and recommendations should be within the framework of the definitions listed above of People Friendly & Village Centre. 

To see the full the Terms of Reference for the PFVCWG please click here

Minutes for the June 2019 meeting can be found here