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Our Vision

Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Boston Spa can be described as a Georgian Gem set in the Wharfe Valley. The village is friendly, convenient and a desirable place to live with a wide range of services and a great sense of community pride. Its residents comprise a range of ages and social backgrounds. 

Our vision is to respect and preserve those beneficial things which we enjoy (such as the riverside) and to adapt to the inevitable changes (such as more homes, an ageing population, extra traffic, the digital age, pressure on public services and the changing retail scene). We wish to further develop a positive social wellbeing environment for those who live, visit, or work in the village. 

We will preserve the historic legacy of our forefathers and overcome some of the adverse features that have beset us (such as the paucity of social and green amenity space and the conflict between traffic and people). Our vision is that we will become a truly sustainable community in all aspects whether they are social, economic or environmental.

“Respecting History, Adapting to Change, Improving Lives”


1. Retain the character and scale of the built environment.
2. Encourage new housing that contributes positively to the sustainability of the village, providing a mix of properties to meet the needs of the population and preferably built within the current built-up area, in order to preserve the rural character and prevent urban sprawl.

3. Create a vibrant and attractive village centre in which all members of the community and visitors can relax, socialise and enjoy; and where local businesses can thrive.

4. Preserve existing and promote an increase in green spaces, and provide better access to the riverside as a key feature of the village.

5. Improve wildlife habitats and increase the tree cover in the village.

6. Improve access through the village by provision of new footpaths and cycle-ways, and address the issue of improving road safety by deterring through traffic.

7. Work with neighbouring communities to address weaknesses in public transport, in particular improving connectivity to York.

8. Promote and encourage renewable energy generation using low carbon technologies.