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Stables Lane

What would you like to see at Stables Lane playing fields?

Children's play area?  Football?  Band stand?  MUGA (multi use games area)?  Flower beds? 

There has been much reference to consideration of, and consultations on, alternative uses for the Stables Lane playing fields yet there are no reports of the actual meetings or indeed any notification of meeting dates and locations. As a statutory body surely the Council, or its committee or subcommittee, should be advertising such meetings and publishing Minutes or Notes of all those meetings and events so that residents can see what is being considered and thereby be given the opportunity of commenting. Notwithstanding this apparent failure of duty there are some comments that need to be made. Firstly it should be remembered that the playing field was specifically bought for that specific purpose using specific Government finance and the legislation that governed its purchase may well limit the purposes that can now be provided. The field was also vested at the time into a local charitable Trust and it is possible that this still exists even if the Trustees are no longer involved so it may need to be “wound up”. From talking to friends and neighbours there is no support for a “park” type setting and little real demand for “social” space with flower beds and lots of seats in any formal setting. Most residents “socialise” in their own homes and gardens and the village is surrounded by green space and most homes have gardens so the reasoning behind “parks” simply does not apply here. Yes there is some need for casual seating so that parents can sit and watch their children playing but it should be remembered that similar seating and play equipment in the past was subject to regular vandalism, mainly by local children, It got so bad that the then Council took the decision to remove the seats and equipment as the repair cost got too great to be sustainable. The recent destruction of the pavilion shows that vandalism is still a problem so any such seating would need to be very robust although that in itself can pose a challenge to the local destroyers. There remains a need for suitable games playing areas and facilities for changing would be an essential part for those with team participants. Exercise equipment has been provided in the recent past but there seems to be no information available as to how much, or how little, it is used by residents. After the initial enthusiasm indications suggest that usage is now quite limited. DT 25th August 2016 

Further to the letter from AO dated 15 March 2015, I believe that unless the proposed picnic tables are patrolled at night, particularly in summertime, then vandalism will occur.  Also I have to say that a mixture of children and teenagers and tennis players I not conducive to good relations.  Before I am accused of elitism or any other antisocial position, I am being pragmatic based on experience.  JP 26th July 2016

Whilst I would love to see more facilities at Stables Lane field I would like to raise a concern around parking. As a resident of Stables Lane with young children I am concerned by the irresponsible parking of some people who currently park on Stables Lane when the car park has available space. People choose to park on the pavement, on a blind corner and at times double park rather than walk anywhere. I would like to see double yellow lines and adequate parking provided both on the field and in the car park opposite.  Helen 3rd July 2016

Stables Lane - the prime issue on the replacement pavilion is the car park, which is shared between the footballers, the tennis club and the bowling club.  It needs to be twice the current size, properly tarmacked and with proper drainage.  The existing car park gives a very bad impression to any users and especially visitors due to its muddy and puddled state.  AR 13th February 2016

I would like to see the Pavilion rebuilt and the Stables Lane field retained as a recreational area.  The Pavilion has served as a much used amenity for 24 years and, therefore, should not be considered to have been an expensive write off.  Perhaps youth clubs, scouts etc should be made aware of possible usage of a new building, even the tennis club may be interested in using the showers! 

JP 27th May 2015




Hi, regarding the Stables lane issue, as an ex Boston Spartans footballer of 15 years I would love to see the changing rooms rebuilt and a local side "born" again.  Who knows we might have the next Messi on our doorstep.   As a local Scout leader I would also like to see the area used to possibly build a new Scout hut which would benefit over 120 kids in the village.  I appreciate a lot of money must be raised for this but "The village kids" will benefit greatly.  Maybe incorporate Scout/Guide hut with football changing room and large halls/kitchen space for meetings etc.  Anyone got a spare half a million so it could be the best around ????  Please use the space wisely and for the kids of the village to benefit.  MD 23rd April 2015

Regarding the Stables Lane development - as a family who sadly watched the football building burn to the ground at 3 am (given our proximity to the field), we are keen for the field to be well accessed by the local community (during daylight hours) but have ongoing concerns regarding the level of antisocial behaviour occurring on the field after 10 pm at night (particularly during the summer months).  As a family with children, we do access the area, and would like to see it used widely by the local community, but is it not imperative that before spending local community funds on such developments, the security and prevention of further acts of mindless vandalism are looked into and addressed before investing in potentially costly developments that too could fall foul to vandalism?  AO 15th March 2015