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Very pleased to note from your latest newsletter that you recommend tables and chairs outside Tom Foolery on the High Street but not on Bridge Road.  I would think (apart from the access problems) it is not very pleasant to sit next to idling traffic with all the associated pollution.  (NM 3rd July 2017) 

Disappointed to hear that the Parish Council seem to be thwarting genuine attempts for businesses to thrive in Boston Spa (Tomfoolery).  The biggest issue on Bridge St (sic) are the cars who continue to park on yellow lines to nip in to the shops rather than park 1 min up the road!!  Café culture is part of the appeal of Boston Spa, so curbing progressive businesses, who are only responding to consumer demand, seems contrary to the investment of small businesses attracted to the village and trying to improve the village experience.  I frequent both TF and S&O and feel that we need to promote and support them to ensure their success rather than become a nanny state and sweat the small stuff (canopy over what building) which would not be detrimental to the village but provide a safe area to sit perhaps as a village we could debate the bigger issues!! (PS 20th June 2017)

Parish Council response (23rd June)
The Parish Council in no way wishes to thwart the attempts of businesses to thrive in Boston Spa.  We are on good terms with both establishments and acknowledge their contribution to the community and welcome their commitment to provide street food for the forthcoming Boston Spa Festival.  Notwithstanding this, the PC has a duty to respond to concerns raised by residents and there were a number in relation to the tables and chairs outside Tomfoolery including one from the mother of a disabled child expressing serious concerns about the impact of the tables and chairs on Bridge Road on her being able to access the dropped kerb and cross safely.  At its meeting last Monday, the Parish Council expressed the view to Ward Councillor Gerald Wilkinson that tables and chairs should be allowed on the High Street but not Bridge Road although this appears to have been disregarded by the LCC Enforcement Officer

I am concerned that it now appears acceptable to park on the double yellow lines outside Aspire on the High Street at busy times.  When trying to turn right at the top of Bridge Street, these illegally parked vehicles (I suspect they are just nipping into the newsagents) block the view left.  I have had some near misses and it is only a matter of time before something serious happens particularly with the current levels of traffic.  Please could you arrange for a traffic warden to do the necessary and get some tickets out there. 
AR 19th February 2016
Parish Council response - the complaint has been passed to Leeds City Council Parking Services who are responsible for employing Civil Enforcement Officers (traffic wardens) and policing double yellow lines

The suggestion that the High Street car park entrance should be closed is, quite frankly, ludicrous. If the area is then paved over as suggested by Mr Watts the car park would lose at least 6 car spaces which are needed. It would also add a traffic hazard at the end of Bridge Road and would quickly impact on traffic on High Street. It is not the car park entrance which caused the sad accident but the late arrival of pub seating, perhaps erected in an unsafe manner. If the seating is to remain it should be redesigned and have adequate space and traffic proof safety barriers between itself and the car park. Do remember that the car park entrance has been in place for 60 odd years without a problem.  DT 24th August 2016

Following on from the horrific accident outside the Stew and Oyster a couple of weeks ago they should be made to install safety barriers alongside their premises. Under no circumstances should they get their way in having the entrance to the car park closed, there is already far too much congestion on Bridge Road as it is. RB 15th August 2016

Regarding the high Street Car Park suggestion that the closure of the High Street entrance would be a safe solution to a problem. Having lived in the centre of the village for over 35 years the safety of this entrance has never been in question until the use of the car park as an annex to the Stew and Oyster became the norm. Clearly forcing all parking cars to enter via Bridge Road would add to an already highly congested area creating additional safety issues with the potential for the backing up of traffic on both Bridge Road and the High Street. The car park is an amenity for the whole village and all businesses and as such, policy should take into account all the local business and residents. ML16th August 2016

I have read in the Wetherby News that the Parish Council will be considering closing access to the high street car park from the High Street. I think that this would be a retrograde step as the concentration of traffic would then be into and off Bridge Road which would mean absolute congestion at the top of this road. Also how would vehicles access the present disability areas without blocking the exit for these and other vehicles?  JP 11th August 2016

Having just read in the Wetherby News (11/8/2016) that the PC are considering closing the entrance to the car park on High Street - because of the accident last Saturday, we feel we had to protest in the strongest of terms! Shunting traffic onto the Bridge Road entrance seems a ridiculous solution to an incident that should never have been allowed to happen. This 'eaterie' encroaches into what was previously public space - and has reduced at least one parking space. The arrangement had always worked perfectly well before the new owners decided that the internal premises were too small for their requirements. Leave the car-park as it is, and advise the owners that they should make alternative arrangements. The Hendersons 11th August 2016

Just received email from bowling club relating to views regarding closing entrance to car park from High Street. Sounds a good idea. Only concern would be if it greatly reduced available parking in centre of village. MB 10th August 2016

BOSTON SPA ACCIDENT: There seems to be a clear case for closing the High Street entrance between the Stew & Oyster and the Millennium Gardens. The safety of people must come before the convenience of car drivers and shop keepers. If the entrance were closed, access would still be available from Bridge Street and the “entrance area “could be paved with seating, flower planters trees and bike racks added to provide a safe and pleasant area for the public. Let us hope that following the terrible accident some good may come. DW 7th August 2016