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August 17 2012

1. Authority
Under the provisions of the Localism Bill 2011 resident groups can be authorised by city or county councils to create development plans for their local area, which, if supported by a local referendum, becomes a statutory planning document within the governing councils Local Development Framework plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group for Boston Spa came into being following sponsorship and successful application to Leeds City Council by Boston Spa Parish Council.

2. Purpose
The purpose and current activities of the Steering Group and associated Topic Groups are set out in the Parish Council web site.

3. Steering Group Membership
Membership is open to all residents of Boston Spa or, by invitation, to owners of businesses in Boston Spa. The same applies to the respective Topic Groups. There is no limit to the size of membership. Members shall elect a Chairperson to coordinate progress, activities and Steering Group meetings.
Members may be excluded from the Steering Group for conduct and behaviour that is disruptive or contrary to aims and objectives of the Steering Group by a majority vote of members.

4. Personal Interests
All members of the Steering Group or any Topic Group must declare any interest that may be perceived as creating a conflict of interest with the aims, objectives or decisions of the Steering Group or Topic Group. This may include business activities, land ownership (other than one’s domestic residence), rental properties or employment by organisations having a development, building or business interest within the Boston Spa civil Parish area.
Any such interests will be recorded by the Chairperson and be publicly available.

5. Meetings
Meetings will normally be held on the second Tuesday of each month although other meetings may be convened by the Chairperson. Meetings will be quorate with a minimum of five members. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote.
Any decisions of the Steering Group shall be taken on a simple majority vote. Meeting minutes shall be made available on the Parish Council web site .

6. Validity
The forgoing Constitution shall be considered applicable and valid by a voting acceptance recorded at a properly constituted meeting of members.