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Boston Spa School Proposals

You may have heard through Social Media or other channels about proposals for Boston Spa Academy, which came to light following a newsletter from Mr Walsh the Head of the Academy.

You can read the newsletter we sent out following the letter from Mr Walsh here.

We as your Parish Council have been working behind the scenes to establish the facts on this situation, as it is important to understand exactly what options are being considered and the timescales.


We have had a response from the Ward councillors which has been posted on our Facebook / Twitter sites and we understand this is also on other social media sites.

You can read the newsletter we sent out following the response from our Ward Councillors here.

We will continue work with the Ward councillors to ensure the views of Boston Spa are being taken into account throughout the consultation process, but suggest that you also make your views known to the Ward councillors directly who will be your representatives in this matter.


Planning Issues 

A planning application for housing development in Thorp Arch has severe implications for residents in Boston Spa.

The plan includes altering the width of the pavement along Bridge Road and to encourage cars to travel in both directions past a row of parked cars.

The plans are dangerous to pedestrians and motorists alike and need to be challenged. The Parish Council has formally objected and we would encourage individuals to do the same.

Details of the Parish Council's response can be seen here.

The application can be viewed and responses made on the Leeds City Council planning portal under reference 17/07970


High Street Crossing 

The long awaited decision regarding the Westwood Way / Hampole Way crossing , promised by the end of November has been delayed . However Nick Borras the LCC traffic engineering is planning to meet with our three ward members before Christmas to finalise the proposal.

The Parish Council has expressed it's disappointment and is encouraging the decision makers to meet the revised timescale.

Watch this space! 


Fouling continues to blight our streets

Once again we have had complaints about dog fouling, this rather unsavoury photograph was taken by Councillor Steve Morritt near Church Street, Steve commented 'irresponsible people can't even be bothered to pick up and place in the bin next to the mess'.


Leeds City Council (LCC) has told us that people who fail to pick up after their dog has fouled are committing a criminal offence. If the owner can be identified LCC can issue a fixed penalty notice which is a fine of £75 or they can prosecute through the magistrates courts where the maximum fine upon conviction is £1,000.
Can you answer any of the following questions which will enable LCC to take action and/or patrol the area and issue a fixed penalty notice on the spot?
· Do you see the same person walking their dog, at around the same time each day and failing to pick up?
· Do you know where they live? Can you describe them and/or their dog?
· If the dog owner was using a car, did you note the registration number?
· Is the same dog roaming unattended each day and fouling whilst out alone? Do you know where it lives?
If you have any information as to who is committing these offences please contact LCC on 0113 2224406. You can also e-mail any information to Any information given will be treated and dealt with in the strictest confidence.


Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result!

Our Neighbourhood Plan was approved by the Independent Examiner and progressed to a referendum, which took take place on the 12th of October 2017

We are delighted to announce that 89% of votes cast were in support of the Neighbourhood Plan, click here to see the official results.

The Neighbourhood Plan has taken 5 years to develop and we are very grateful to the members of the NP groups who have worked tirelessly consulting, analysing evidence and compiling reports bringing it all together in our Neighbourhood Plan.  This now forms the blueprint for the future of our village - thank you to everyone involved.

A significant amount of time was spent on the Plan and its success depended on the residents understanding and voting positively for its acceptance.

The Plan can be viewed here . Hard copies are also available in the Village Hall on the metal cupboard in the alcove in the Committee Room, the WISE Café (should the Committee Room be booked), the village library and at the rear of St Mary’s Church by the entrance.


Thank you for voting 'YES'


Boston Spa Big Festival Weekend

July 14th, 15th & 16th 2017 - This was the second Boston Spa Big Festival to be organised in the village, with more than 1,000 visitors and over 30 events to amuse the crowds.  These included musical evenings, scarecrow trail, Jazz, street food, literary lunch, open gardens, live entertainment, village walks, classic car gathering and much much more


The village was buzzing over the weekend and organiser David Watts would like to thank all the helpers and organisations that participated to make it such a success; plans are already in-place to make the 2018 Festival even bigger and bette

Why not get involved? Contact David Watts at