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Development off Church Street
The planning application has now been submitted as 19/00664/FU, the full details are available on the Leeds Planning portal and can be seen here
  • The PC has already submitted the following comments to the developer
  • The PC recognises that the land is available for development under the Neighbourhood Plan
  • The PC welcomes the opportunity to provide alternative pedestrian access points to the Stables Lane Community Park
  • The PC has concerns that the number of houses proposed will have a serious impact on the traffic on Church Street, particularly in relation to the traffic exiting from the St Vincent's area of the development
  • The PC is concerned about the density of the housing on the land to the rear of the development and believes that the number of houses should be reduced by around 25% with a pro rata reduction in the different sizes of house and for consideration to be given to the creation of more green space
  • The PC believes that the further consideration should be given to the design of the access from St Vincent's on to Church Street
The PC will be putting comments together to provide a submission to Leeds City Council (LCC) planning department and we have requested a meeting with LCC Planners and Ward Councillors to seek clarification on a number of issues.
The PC would encourage the public to make comments directly to LCC planning by email or via the Leeds Planning portal and please also make any comments known to the PC, closing date for comments is March 15th. This is clearly a contentious planning application and it is important that the planners understand the strength of views within the local community - please do send in your comments!

Did you know in the Leeds City Council Site Allocation Plan ( 2018) it says the following about this development?

'The site is within the Boston Spa Conservation Area. Any development should preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the Conservation Area. The openness of the southern part of the site has an important role in contributing to the significance of the Conservation Area, and so no built development should take place on this part of the site.'

The conclusion of the LCC Landscape officer  below;

"The site is being over developed at the expense of the tree cover. This will cause harm to public amenity and to harm to the character of the Conservation Area. The scheme is in conflict with LCC policies N23 and LD1. I am not supportive of the scheme as it stands ..."


Governor of St Marys School

St Mary’s C of E Primary School Boston Spa is seeking a new governor. Would you be willing to consider this valuable voluntary role? We are a small, friendly church primary school situated in lovely grounds on Clifford Rd. We have one vacancy in our governing body and are looking for someone who has some knowledge of either finance and accounting or premises and buildings. The governing body meets five times per year and acts as critical friend to the headteacher in the running of the school. The usual term of office for a governor is four years. Additional time is needed to attend committee meetings and visit the school from time to time. Any appointment is subject to the usual safeguarding checks.
If you are interested, please contact me by phone or e mail and I will be very pleased to discuss the role with you.
Judith Dahlgreen, Chair of Governors or 07749701655 


Westwood Way Crossing update

A meeting was held with Ward Councillor Gerald Wilkinson on August 8 when he was able to give an update on the Westwood Way / Hampole Way crossing issue.

A Pedestrian Crossing Assessment was carried out following the traffic survey which concluded that a Zebra crossing was justified, scoring 9 points out of a possible 21 against a threshold of 8 (ie 8 would not have justified a crossing ). The 9 points were awarded as follows;
2 points - Benefit to the locality (Up to 200 properties would benefit)
2 points - Crossing impact on locality (Small Town / Village)
3 points - Public interest (regular complaints and petition)
1 point -Traffic speed assessment (reduction of speed up to 10%)
0 points - Highways assessment
0 points - Road safety history score
1 point - Traffic pedestrian survey

The results were subject of high level discussions, including the Director of Highways and the Head of Transport Planning along with the Senior Traffic Engineer et al.
A Zebra Crossing was approved, however given the analysis indicated that there was no immediate safety issue the installation of the crossing could be incorporated into the LCC business as usual programme. The crossing would now go before the Pedestrian Crossing Review Board in January in order that it could be incorporated into the 2019/20 capital works programme.

This means that the expenditure (C£30K) would not come out of the Church Fields section 106 money (money from Tayor Wimpey for Highways improvements).
Clearly the LCC officers have taken the matter seriously and reached a considered conclusion which will be discuss at the next PC meeting.


Boston Spa School granted Academy order

Great news for our High School and for our village Boston Spa school to become an academy and join the Gorse Academies Trust  



Thank you Ladies!



Many thanks to Boston Spa residents Julie Slingsby, Estelle Lawn and Christine Daly who collected litter around Winnow Lane.

It looks much smarter now!

Let's hope folk make use of the bins from now on. 




Boston Spa School Proposals

At the February PC meeting Steve Hall, Chair of Governors Boston Spa School provided an update on the current position following the school’s recent application to become an Academy as part of the Gorse Trust.


The Regional Schools Commissioner had taken the decision to refer the decision to the Secretary of State, Lord Agnew. Lord Agnew has now reported that the decision will be deferred until 26th March to enable the Local Authority to carry out full consultation on a suitable alternative taking into account future plans for both Boston Spa and Wetherby schools.


If, following this consultation process, a solution cannot be agreed, Lord Agnew will advise the Regional Schools Commissioner to approve the Boston Spa academy application. In response to a question from Steve Morritt Chair of Boston Spa PC, Mr Hall confirmed that the school Governors had a single plan and that was to become an academy.


You can find out more from the Principal's blog and Mr Walsh's letter sent to parents 21st February.


The consultation is now open online and runs until Sunday 25th March, click here to have your say about the future provision of secondary education in our area. 

We are aware that an Extraordinary Meeting of Wetherby Town Council will be taking place in the Micklewaite Room, Town Hall on Saturday 3rd March at 12 noon you can read the agenda here, of particular note is item 5
"To consider the following resolution: "Wetherby Town Council supports the Local Authority proposal for one secondary school in this area, located in Wetherby." "

Boston Spa Parish Council is disappointed that this resolution has been put forward as the consultation process has not yet begun. We further hope that our 3 ward councillors, Gerald Wilkinson, AlanLamp & John Proctor who also sit on Wetherby Town Council, will recognise the aspirations of Boston Spa School and the desires of local residents.
This is a very important issue for Boston Spa we will provide updates on this website, on Facebook and twitter.

You can read the newsletter we sent out following the response from our Ward Councillors here.

We will continue work with the Ward councillors to ensure the views of Boston Spa are being taken into account throughout the consultation process, but suggest that you also make your views known to the Ward councillors directly who will be your representatives in this matter.


Planning Issues 

A planning application for housing development in Thorp Arch has severe implications for residents in Boston Spa.

The plan includes altering the width of the pavement along Bridge Road and to encourage cars to travel in both directions past a row of parked cars.

The plans are dangerous to pedestrians and motorists alike and need to be challenged. The Parish Council has formally objected and we would encourage individuals to do the same.

Details of the Parish Council's response can be seen here.

The application can be viewed and responses made on the Leeds City Council planning portal under reference 17/07970


High Street Crossing 

The long awaited decision regarding the Westwood Way / Hampole Way crossing , promised by the end of November has been delayed . However Nick Borras the LCC traffic engineering is planning to meet with our three ward members before Christmas to finalise the proposal.

The Parish Council has expressed it's disappointment and is encouraging the decision makers to meet the revised timescale.

Watch this space! 




Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result!

Our Neighbourhood Plan was approved by the Independent Examiner and progressed to a referendum, which took take place on the 12th of October 2017

We are delighted to announce that 89% of votes cast were in support of the Neighbourhood Plan, click here to see the official results.

The Neighbourhood Plan has taken 5 years to develop and we are very grateful to the members of the NP groups who have worked tirelessly consulting, analysing evidence and compiling reports bringing it all together in our Neighbourhood Plan.  This now forms the blueprint for the future of our village - thank you to everyone involved.

A significant amount of time was spent on the Plan and its success depended on the residents understanding and voting positively for its acceptance.

The Plan can be viewed here . Hard copies are also available in the Village Hall on the metal cupboard in the alcove in the Committee Room, the WISE Café (should the Committee Room be booked), the village library and at the rear of St Mary’s Church by the entrance.


Thank you for voting 'YES'