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Fortunately the planners saw sense and rejected the Co-op application on the grounds that it would exacerbate an already difficult traffic situation at the top of Church Street. However something needs to be done to slow down the traffic racing up and down Church Street (and other roads leading to the High Street).  A couple of months ago a car coming from Clifford, collided with three parked cars, "writing-off" two of them, before somersaulting and landing on its roof in the middle of the road.  Goodness knows how fast the driver had been going.  It was pure chance that no-one was hurt.  A few days later there was an altercation in the street when an SUV narrowly missed a dog.  Drivers see a relatively straight road and hit the accelerator.  I have to parallel park in the street and am frequently abused by drivers who have to wait while I manoeuvre, some resort to driving on the opposite pavement so they are not held up for 20 seconds.  The traffic is inevitably going to increase, with all the new developments which will need access to the High Street.  This is a residential area and some sort of traffic calming measures are urgently needed.  I know everyone hates speed bumps but in this situation they would be welcomed.  (JD 17th October 2017)

In response to Leeds City Council traffic engineers comments that they are aware that traffic tends to 'increase speed' once passed (sic) the official 30 mph sign.  Myself, being a regular walker to Wetherby would say that many vehicles do not slow down at all.  Apparently LCC traffic engineers are aware of the 'speeding' situation in this area and I look forward to seeing the 'monitoring' period results.  (JR 20th August 2017)

I can't help but think that the statement (as reported in the YEP on 7th August) that "structural changes in the licensed trade" make the Crown unviable as a public house is somewhat disingenuous given the flourishing bar scene in Boston Spa.  Surely all the arguments and objections that were raised against Tesco still apply?  The Crown could be a gold mine if someone opened it up as a family friendly gastropub with accommodation as they've done with the Castle Inn at Spofforth.  (AD 9th August 2017)

Very pleased to note from your latest newsletter that you recommend tables and chairs outside Tom Foolery on the High Street but not on Bridge Road.  I would think (apart from the access problems) it is not very pleasant to sit next to idling traffic with all the associated pollution.  (NM 3rd July 2017)

Disappointed to hear that the Parish Council seem to be thwarting genuine attempts for businesses to thrive in Boston Spa (Tomfoolery).  The biggest issue on Bridge St (sic) are the cars who continue to park on yellow lines to nip in to the shops rather than park 1 min up the road!!  Café culture is part of the appeal of Boston Spa, so curbing progressive businesses, who are only responding to consumer demand, seems contrary to the investment of small businesses attracted to the village and trying to improve the village experience.  I frequent both TF and S&O and feel that we need to promote and support them to ensure their success rather than become a nanny state and sweat the small stuff (canopy over what building) which would not be detrimental to the village but provide a safe area to sit perhaps as a village we could debate the bigger issues!! (PS 20th June 2017)

Parish Council response (23rd June)
The Parish Council in no way wishes to thwart the attempts of businesses to thrive in Boston Spa.  We are on good terms with both establishments and acknowledge their contribution to the community and welcome their commitment to provide street food for the forthcoming Boston Spa Festival.  Notwithstanding this, the PC has a duty to respond to concerns raised by residents and there were a number in relation to the tables and chairs outside Tomfoolery including one from the mother of a disabled child expressing serious concerns about the impact of the tables and chairs on Bridge Road on her being able to access the dropped kerb and cross safely.  At its meeting last Monday, the Parish Council expressed the view to Ward Councillor Gerald Wilkinson that tables and chairs should be allowed on the High Street but not Bridge Road although this appears to have been disregarded by the LCC Enforcement Officer