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Boston Spa Neighbourhood Plan

Our NP Referendum took take place on October 12th 

We are delighted to announce that 89% of votes cast were in favour of the adoption of the NP, thank you to everyone who voted. 

You can read the NP document here 

Neighbourhood Plan Update

The examiner has now completed his review of the Neighbourhood Plan, the final Decision Statement (as required by Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 18) which recommends that, subject to the Examiner’s recommendations being made to the Plan, the Boston Spa Neighbourhood Plan can proceed to referendum. The Decision Statement also sets out the modifications to be made to the Plan.

You can read the Decision Statement here.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan has been considered by the Independent Examiner, Nigel McGurk and his report is available to read here

 Boston Spa Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Boston Spa Parish Council has submitted the Boston Spa Plan Proposal to Leeds City Council (LCC) for examination. Under para 16 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, LCC are publicising the plan proposal and are seeking comments from people who live, work or carry out business in the Boston Spa Neighbourhood Area and any consultation body referred to in the submitted consultation statement. The consultation ran from Monday 10th April to Monday 22nd May 2017.
How to view the documents
The plan proposal and supporting documentation can be viewed on the Leeds City Council Neighbourhood Planning website.

The documents can also be viewed on this website by accessing the documents tab on the left hand side.

The documents are:

Appendix 1 Neighbourhood Plan Area 

Appendix 2 Constraints and Opportunities Plan

Appendix 3 Survey Results

Appendix 4 Young Persons

Appendix 5 Key Features

Appendix 6 Community Profile

Appendix 7 Housing Needs Advice

Appendix 8 Character Assessment

Appendix 9 Boston Spa Conservation Area Adopted Management Plan

Appendix 10 Environmental

Appendix 11 Hub of the Village

Appendix 12 Sustainability

Appendix 13 Leeds Neighbourhood Index

The Consultation Statement 

App. 2 and 3 Overall research, Questionnaires & Results
App. 4 and 5 Exhibitions, Publicity & Presentations
App 6 Picture Gallery
App 7 Press & Publicity
App 8 Young Persons
App 9 Retailers & Businesses
App 10 Minutes of Meetings
App 11 Correspondence
App 12 Guidance
App13 Plan Drafts
App 14 Stage 7 Consultation for Pre-submission


The Neighbourhood Plan consultation started on Monday 10th April. The documents are available to view at Wetherby Library, Boston Spa Library and Boston Spa Village Hall. The Neighbourhood Plan documents are available on this site, click on the 'documents' link in the left hand menu.  'The Plan' link contains the Neighbour Hood Plan document together with the appendices.

Following the consultation period a referendum will be held giving residents to opportunity to vote to accept or not the plan.

Information about the Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the following documents which are available to download here 

Appendices 1-5 

Appendices 6-8 

Appendix 9 

Appendices 10-18 


The Neighbour Plan

The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) consultation stage ran for 6 weeks and ended on 19th June 2016.  Each home in Boston Spa received a letter giving information about the pre-submission consultation and was asked to make comments.
Responses to the various comments made can be seen by clicking here.

The draft NDP together with the appendices can be seen by clicking on the links below hard copies are also available to view in the Village Hall committee Room, at the WiSE cafe, in the library or at the rear of St Mary's Church by the entrance.


'Planning for a Successful Future 2015-2030' is now prepared and can be downloaded by clicking here

September Neighbourhood Plan Update

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who took the time to consider the Draft Plan and respond by email, completing the questionnaire and by personal contact with a member of the Neighbourhood Plan Team.
Your responses have been very encouraging. The overall impression is of a Community with affection for and pride in their village – (“keep as a village not a town”) – for its character, rural feel, friendliness, facilities, shops, riverside, spaces etc. – I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else – yet homing in on our future needs.

The Plan is designed to bring out these views and the changes needed which very largely you agree with.
We have made changes to the Plan following the latest consultations with you. No key Policies have been added or withdrawn, but there are a number of changes mostly adding detail, emphasis and clarification.

The revised Plan has been submitted to a team of experts (NPiers) for which we were fortunate to have the costs met by a Government Grant . We have now received their report, which is supportive of the Plan and the consultation process we have gone though. They do make a number of recommendations which we are acting upon but which do not change the Vision, Objectives or key Policies.

When we have completed these changes, we will submit the revised Plan to Leeds C.C. An important new notification from Leeds City Council is that they are shortly holding a city wide series of Exhibitions on Housing Site Allocations which were agreed at a Council Meeting in July. Agreement on Site Allocations is crucial in progressing Neighbourhood Plans city wide and as you can imagine builders and landowners will not be happy if they are not allowed to develop on land where clearly they feel there is a demand and where they would profit. This is certainly the case in Boston Spa, where we are fighting hard to avoid any new large scale developments and building on land we consider to be unsuitable.

The exhibition which is closest to us is in Wetherby Town Hall on Monday 19th October between 2.00 – 8.00 pm. Please go along.

The Boston Spa Neighbourhood Plan Group have agreed to meet representatives of Leeds C.C. to progress the Plan on October 22nd.

Hopefully, shortly after that we should be in a position to put a timescale to the final stages of the Plan leading to a referendum.

Watch this space!

Geoff Shaw

Chairman of the NP Steering Group


Our Summary Document for Informal Consultation can be seen here


Pages 1 -  28

What next & to find out more

Cycle Paths
Public Spaces
Green Spaces
Possible Development Sites 



Appendices 1 - 3
Appendices 4 - 6 
Appendix 8 part 1
Appendix 8 part 2
Appendix 8 part 3


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

As set out previously, this is the local community’s opportunity to have a greater say in the planning and development decisions made in the Parish area over the next ten to fifteen years. It is up to each neighbourhood to decide what the Plan will be about and the extent of policies, proposals and aspirations covering the medium to long term future. 

It is important to note that there are limitations to Neighbourhood Plans in that;

1. They must not conflict with National Government policy.

2. They must be broadly in line with Leeds City Council’s emerging local plan.

3. They must be sustainable in the longer term.

4. They must be lawful, realistic and robust.

Vision and Aspirations

With the consent of all residents and other interested parties (via future consultation), the Steering Group will aim to produce a Neighbourhood Plan based upon a prospective vision that Boston Spa should be maintained as an identifiable village community which is largely self sufficient, which contributes to the wider geographical community and is an attractive place to visit and live. It has a proud sense of history and purpose.

We will therefore aim to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the village which:

* Respects the need for sustainability.

* Retains the character, scale and quality of the built environment.

* Provides and maintains green spaces and natural local amenities along with respecting current green belt areas.

* Provides improved vehicular access and parking for residents and visitors.

* Encourages a vibrant and sustainable high-street retail and service offering.

 * Provides improved public transport links with Leeds, Harrogate, York and Wetherby.

* Provides the local services that meet the need of all residents of the Village, mindful of the needs of surrounding districts.

* Allows for high-quality appropriate development that preserves or enhances the village whilst respecting the current village boundaries.

* Encourages local employment.                                                                

* Supports a vibrant mix of community groups and organisations.                                                                                                                                           

The Steering Group

As set out above, the production of the Neighbourhood Plan will be led by a Steering Group on behalf of the Parish Council. This Group is made up from members of the local community, business owners; member’s of the Parish Council and may include local land owners.

The role of the Steering Group will be to manage the production of the Neighbourhood Plan in a timely manner whilst facilitating consultations and discussions with all interested parties within the community to ensure that the final Plan represents as wide a view as possible. The Group will also be responsible for resolving any conflict with differing views and aspirations to ensure as far as practicable that the final Plan is both realistic and robust.

The Topic Groups

In the initial meetings of the Steering Group it was determined, in order to spread the workload and ensure focus, to create a number of Topic Groups to work on different aspects of the Plan. These Groups will seek to identify what  the main issues are and how to deal with these, along with canvassing wider  opinion. 

The five topic areas for the Groups are: 

  • Housing and Developments .
  • Infrastructure & Environment
  • Business & Local Employment 
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Traffic and getting about
  • Community Liaison & Comunications

Further Information 

This section of the website will develop as the Neighbourhood Plan is prepared but in the meantime some preliminary information has been included under the headings showing in the Navigation pane on the left of this page. 

Leeds City Council has now confirmed that Boston Spa has been formally designated as a Neighbourhood Plan Area and this will be publicised on the City Council's website. 

Look out on this site and in the local press for more information.